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Donna Copeland gives "All Relative" a positive review - Dating Horror Stories From The Cast of All Relative The Adam Carolla Show - Connie Nielsen Talks Up All Relative The Matthew Aaron Show - Connie Nielsen Talks About Her Career and All Relative My Strange Family - Kristen Strange Gives All Relative a Positive Review Crown Heights Mom - Debra Lewis-Boothman Gives All Relative a Positive Review Exclusive - Sara Paxton on love, dating, and All Relative. Donloe's Lowdown - Darlene Donloe gives All Relative a positive review Backstage - Connie Nielsen talks up "All Relative" and acting Huffington Post - All Relative's Connie Nielsen is interviewed about her healthy lifestyle talks up "All Relative" Laugh presents a massively awkward and hilarious situation from "All Relative" - Dena Burroughs says "All Relative" is a light-hearted comedy worth watching Michael Rechtshaffen from the LA Times gives "All Relative" a positive review Carole Di Tosti from Blog Critics gives "All Relative" a positive review Fox Austin - On camera interview with J. In the 1996 Twister blockbuster, Paxton played a storm chaser who was researching tornadoes during a twister outbreak in Oklahoma.Paxton and co-star Helen Hunt scrambled to release a data-collection probe into the funnel of a tornado as they competed with another, better-funded research team that used similar technology.Although they clearly click, Grace is dating someone else, and Harry ends up having a fling with the seductive, older Maren (a terrific Connie Nielsen), a presumed divorcée who also coaches him in the finer points of courting younger women. Khoury turns out to have other, more analytical things in mind than simply spinning the wheels of a wacky adult comedy partially informed by "The Graduate."And although the resulting tonal shifts between funny and serious aren't always executed as seamlessly as they might be, Khoury deserves props for defying rom-com conventions more often than he succumbs to them.About a month later Harry and Grace, now a full-fledged item, are driving to Westchester, where he's about to meet her parents for the first time and, well, you don't need a spoiler alert to know where something called "All Relative" is headed.

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Hold on to her for as long as you can, as long as she lets you. Cheers to that, baby,” we’re a little skeptical of their relationship today.

Liza seems needier to me in the second season — she's constantly wanting Josh to reaffirm their relationship status — and a little annoying. But she's not a jealous girlfriend, which probably speaks to her age and wisdom.

There's so much about Liza's character on the page that you're not supposed to love, but because of Sutton Foster, you fall in love with her and you root for her to win.

Forced to survive a weekend riddled with tension and socially awkward moments, the bonds of both couples are tested to their breaking point in this wildly engaging mix of comedy and drama.

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