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This is a pro bono online journal in public service related to issues, policies and benefits, and the idea behind it is to educate and not to create controversy or to incite. Well, this should end the controversy perpetrated by some self-styled interpreters in M-Block who brought disrepute to the medical top brass and in a way to the entire services medical set-up by writing to all Commands that SSCOs and ECOs were not entitled to medical facilities in service hospitals.

Back to the top Once you have established that your pension is taxable, you should check that an appropriate code number is being operated against your pension income.

If you think the code number being operated is incorrect, you should contact HMRC.

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the applicant was a junior commissioned officer in the rank of nb/sub in 871 med regiment.

The Forces Pension Society receives many enquiries about what pension benefits might be awaiting fathers or fathers-in-law and the same issue crops up regularly on ARRSE, Rum Ration and E-goat.

Given that every year many thousands of pounds in pensions go unclaimed, it is important that the information that follows is widely understood.

In the May issue of Pathfinder the Forces Pension Society article was about your preserved or deferred entitlements.

This month’s article – by Mary Petley - aims to push home how important it is that you remember to claim your dues and to highlight the thousands of unclaimed AFPS 75 preserved pensions sitting waiting to be claimed...