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She has nearly a decade of experience reporting behind her.

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EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada -- (CWD) -- Crime Watch Daily brings you a terrifying story of what happens when the lines between make believe and reality blur.

Mark Twitchell may be one of the most twisted and creepy killers you've never heard of, detailing his diabolical plan for murder in a 42-page document.

In October 2008, Gilles Tetreault answered an online dating ad, only to hook up with a madman in a mask. But another unsuspecting man, Johnny Altinger, wasn't so lucky.

Altinger, 38, thought he was meeting up with a woman he just met on a dating site. Police say you could hear screams coming out of his garage, but no one knows for sure if they were real or fake because Mark Twitchell was so clever, he notified his neighbors that he would be shooting a movie and to disregard the screams.

Wait until you hear Twitchell's explanation of what happened inside his garage.