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Under any normal circumstance I would and have always ignored rude messages I received from any guy on a dating site. given the fact that he is still messaging me after that response perhaps not.

Out of principle I would not rise to the occasion but this was different and I had to know how far I could take it before the lady in me could take it no further. Judge me with all fairness my friends, the dating world is a nasty one.

Also, Southern girls are EVERY BIT as bitchy and "tough" as Northern girls, just in a different way.

Southern girls will hop in a lifted jeep with their boyfriend and go mudding, swearing the whole while.

I think most troublesome to me is that if he is sayyessir1 that usually means that he is the second and there are more out there.

In the months and weeks before I joined the popular dating app Tinder this fall, I found myself googling phrases like "Tinder and Christians", "Christians on Tinder" and "Is Tinder okay for Christians" again and again.

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The roar of the Atlantic and perpetual Florida sunshine make living in Jacksonville feel more like vacationing on a tropical oasis!After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Among my age group (late teens/early 20s), there is definitely a difference between the North and South in terms of education.Obviously this doesn't go for everyone, but a large majority of my high school planned which college they'd go to based on the sororities and the types of men in the fraternity partnered with it.Haha.) What my dating life comes down to is that I'm a girl who has always known what she wants, and my high standards, faith, and lifestyle make it hard for me to fall for someone.The couple times that I have opened my heart a little bit, I have gotten hurt before things even progressed very far.