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Then on, he has played various roles in different movies which has also increased his popularity tremendously. He has also played many international films which include Alice in Wonderland, Age of Reason, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, South Solitary.

With the height of 6 feet 1 ¼ inch, he is known as a tall guy among his colleagues.

He has started his career from 1989 after graduating from the New Zealand Drama School.

He got his first movie in 1994 which is Jack Brown Genius. After struggling in New Zealand soap opera for 2 years, he played the role of Darko in Broken English in 1996.

All your energy is focused on the other actor or actors you're playing your scene with. There's just the crew around you and you have to imagine the setting that's eventually going to be filled ...

When you do theatre, the furniture and background is usually very minimal you don't pay any attention to the props."There's something very magical and very spiritual in Ireland.The nature is very particular here and there are forces," she tells me in her very quiet voice.When we meet on the set at Ardmore Studios, 34-year-old Eva is dressed in a purple silk shirt and black tie from Dolce & Gabbana over a pair of black leather trousers and high boots.She's friendly and wants to give a decent interview, but there's also an arms-length reserve which she can't help but give off.