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It has been the new cool way for men to make such impression and sweeps off the lady's feet so to speak.

Sick of posting yet another Craiglist ad looking for the love of your life to fund the lifestyle you want in game? How much of your offline life do you want to share? Just leave a comment with your game, character name, server, and credit card number (with expiration and security code) below and we’ll find the right match for you!

Providing essential in-game information to finish different tasks in MMO games. Love is in the air once more and couples begin to plan what are in store for them come Valentine's Day.

What could be more romantic than a planned date or having to go to concerts? Even in the virtual world of MMO games, love is spread throughout.

Several high-profile cases involving people who met playing online games have led experts to caution that such Web sites have a unique environment that could be a breeding ground for criminal minds.

— A 2-year-old girl nicknamed "Baby Grace" by detectives was found dead in October in a locked box in Texas — allegedly the victim of a beating murder at the hands of her stepfather and teenaged mother, who met playing the online fantasy game "World of Warcraft." — A 31-year-old Australian woman named Tamara Broome was nabbed in June when she traveled to North Carolina to lure a 16-year-old boy she encountered playing the same popular Internet game.