Error updating windows ad authentication properties

You can configure alfresco to authenticate from a number of systems – this is known as Authentication Chain.

You define the authentication chain in file or in file.

Error: When accessing the web interface from the browser, the webpage begins flickering and changes quickly between "detect screen resolution" and another page.

The NTLM checkbox was enabled in Configuration-Logins, without following the NTLM preparation steps.

There are a few subsystems offered in alfresco installation.

False enables multiple authentications for the same connections.

Note: A setting of true means that the client will be authenticated only once on the same connection.

We will use the Authentication and Synchronization subsystems for this purpose.

For authentication purpose, alfresco can be configured with AD, LDAP, Kerberos, alfresco Ntlm or other external servers.

Error updating windows ad authentication properties