Vista sidebar news feed not updating

I see only old posts and this is now going on for hours already..

It is not updating and I can't see any personal posts or game posts or anything else from others...

Here are some possible fixes that could resolve your issues. To allow Microsoft to change the registry value for Value data in Zones subkey to 0, so as to fix this problem automatically, download and apply Microsoft Fix it 50617.

It may happen that your Windows 7 Gadgets may just stop working and may not display properly, or Gadgets may appear as black squares, or may appear to have vertical green lines down the center or may not appear at all and may have a blue exclamation marks next to it.

Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights on the system could be less impacted than users who operate with administrative user rights.

In its Security Advisory 2719662, Microsoft also thanked Mickey Shkatov and Toby Kohlenberg for working with them on this issue.

Ticker also only shows occasionally new posts/info...

has been redesigned, and its interface is sleek, clean, customisable and universally hated.

They’re suggesting you completely nuke your Windows Sidebar and Gadgets.

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Although Internet Explorer has an RSS feed reader built in, you can explore other feed readers.