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He tried to meet people that share his culture, then he turned it into a business.

The majority of students at my high school were from a Greek background. The patriarchal Greek culture back then was very strict on girls.There were so many of us, classes could not be held on the Greek Easter Good Friday, when we all stayed home. I participated in the Greek national day celebrations, performed in Greek plays. Fast forward some 15 years later when my second generation Greek Australian husband and I were living in the suburbs, on the other side of the city, far from family, no Greek community, and the task of raising children to feel some sense of Greekness, became difficult.The Greek community in our area was large enough to sustain an alternate, virtual Greek community for my parents and their friends. When my son was born, I tried really hard to teach him the little Greek I knew. Language is a fundamental part of feeling a sense of belonging to a culture. How do your reconcile differences between the country you were born in and the one your parents came from? Especially given, that many second generation Australians probably raise their children in English speaking households. These are questions I have wondered about since I became a parent and attempted to teach my children to speak Greek. The country your parent’s came from, its culture and beliefs?